Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Made it up to ShowLow and back as planned.  Even took a side trip to Snowflake to visit with Christine at Equine WellBeing Rescue.  I had never met her in person, but we had ran across each other on the internet a few times.

Had a great visit, for an hour or so, met Larry her husband and had a great time.  She just got in a load of mini donkeys from the large hoarding rescue, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue did a few weeks ago.  They haven't had a lot of handling, but she's going to work with them and get them ready to be adopted.  Some of them are pregnant jennies, so the people adopting them, will get a "two-fer" good deal....!!! 

Spent the night in Showlow and went the next morning to pick up the hinny.  He seems to be willing to go along with what's happening.  The woman had him 6 years and her horse and mini mare both have died.  She is 81, has Parkinson's, and wanted him with other animals.  So many people don't plan ahead and when the time comes, without advanced planning the family doesn't know what to do.  

We went thru Globe and came back thru Springerville.  The Springerville route is highway 191.  Seems like everyone we've talked to knows not to go that way, unless you're ready for an adventure.  It's over 7,000 feet in quite a few areas, lots of switchbacks, and no a guardrail in sight.  One area has signs no vehicles over 40 feet because the switchbacks are so "close".  And we got to see rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain, for most of the mountain part of the trip.....!!!   LOL  We really enjoyed the trip, but John isn't comfortable hauling an animal, under those circumstances.  He said his left leg is sore today from having the foot up in the air prepared to put on the brake.  Saw a mule deer, and wild turkey, both by themselves, which is unusual.  

The little guy did just fine.  We haven't come up with a name yet.  No one likes my choice, so we're having a "conference" today, everyone can input their choice and then we'll have to decide which one  works.  

This video was taken this morning.  We thought Casper was trying to visit with the new guy and trying to keep everyone away from his new friend, which we all thought was so cute.  Until Casper started running at Linda, instead of the dogs and donkeys.  Now we're thinking this might be the bad behavior he has been accused of.  

Since taking the video he has tried to dig under the pen, and has stuck his nose thru the corral panel with his mouth open.  So it should get interesting in a couple of days when we let the new guy out.  We might put Casper in his pen, so he can't attack, if that's what he's planning.  This seems to be more involved than just a testosterone high.  I thought he might have been scared of the horses the people had, but he is initiating the confrontation.  So we may have to re-evaluate what to do with him.  He doesn't react to the donkeys at all, so he may have to either go with donkeys, or possibly as the only equine.  Dogs didn't seem to bother him, although this morning he was going after them too. 

We really had a good time, ate great Mexican food in Globe on the way up.  Monday night we found a great steak house in Showlow, biggest 8 ounce sirloin I ever saw.  On the way home once we got past Springerville, before lunchtime and after that there wasn't anyplace to eat or get gas until we got to Morenci and Clifton. They border each other and we drove thru slowly, and there wasn't a place to eat in sight.  Got to the city limit of Clifton and saw a sign for Tyler's Texas Bar Be Que, at a rather ramshackled building.  Looked like an old Mercantile store.  Went in and what a treat, the walls were covered with memorabilia from many different areas, we couldn't see it all.  John's brisket and my pulled pork sandwich were as good as we've ever had.  The waitress has a familiar accent, I asked her where she was from, she said Jal, New Mexico, born and raised.  I doubt that there are many people in the world that know where Jal is, or even care.  It is about 90 miles from anywhere in all directions, a few hundred people, in the middle of nowhere.  But it's close enough to west Texas for the accent to carry over I guess.  I ran out of gas there one time, actually about 20 miles out of town.  The men are gentlemen, they'll pick up a woman carrying a 5 gallon jerry can down the highway.......LOL  

We had our naming conference, everyone from Dillon that picks up poo to Suzanne sister of Michelle who has the weekly task of mucking out the house, got involved.  Not to mention our good friends, Marv and Bettie that came to visit for the afternoon.  We ended up with a tie between Scooter and Gizmo, so that's why Michelle called Suzanne to break the tie.........Gizmo won, so Gizmo he is. 

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ellie k said...

I cannot see the video. Would you post a pic of the new guy?