Sunday, April 03, 2016


The calendar for the next 10 days or so, is packed with fun things to do.  Well, fun might be a little over the top. Today is the great grandkids birthday party in Tucson and we'll have to rush home to a prior commitment.

John goes to an eye specialist Monday to have needles stuck in his eye.  YUCK!  He has fluid behind the retina, whatever that means.  Tuesday he gets to go see the skin doctor in Tucson.  Wednesday, our new mattress is being delivered.  According to Temperpedic ads, you will be a new person after sleeping on their mattresses, so we'll see, we're hoping that we will feel like 40 year olds........!!!    And John will be taking the neighbor lady to do her monthly shopping. 

 Thursday, Casper has an appointment with the dentist.  We figure if he is 15 years old and no one ever cared enough to get him gelded, they probably didn't take care of his teeth either.  He's warming up to us a little, but I doubt that he will ever be, warm and fuzzy.  

Friday, is practice with the race car before racing Saturday.  I already practiced yesterday, when we brought the car home from a friend that did some work on it.  John has drove himself crazy, since the last race, when it vented gas and I got black flagged, trying to figure out and fixing stuff.  Some of you know we live in a rather "rural, rustic" area.  As in mostly local traffic and not a lot of sheriff attention. 

The problem with the car didn't show up until the race was almost over, so to test it, I need to run at least 10 miles at speed, so the car would have time to build up pressure in the gas system, enough to vent fuel.  We unloaded the car about 3 miles from home and away I went, with John following in the truck to watch for venting.  No one caught up with us, but 4 cars passed going the other way.  Wonder what stories they told when they got home......!!! LOL  I passed our turn off and went another 9 miles north, where the pavement ends, turned around and drove home.  YIPPEE!  no venting, but I still want to go to practice, driving on a road isn't the same as driving on a track.  

Sunday is actually open, a day of rest I guess, to get ready for next week.  With Lynn and Linda here we don't have to be home for feeding, so Monday we are heading out to Show Low to pick up the little hinny and come home Tuesday.  The woman was happy that we can do the whole trip.  She was having trouble finding a trailer, so this will work out really well.  The rest of the week has nothing far.....!! LOL  

Until Saturday, when we will be setting up a donkey petting pen for Earth Day, at Kartchner Caverns.  We took Ruger and Wister last year and will probably take all 4 of the minis this year.  Since Linda and Lynn are here I'm going to "try" to bathe all 4 of them.  Donkeys love to be dusty and people hate to get dust on their'll see how this goes.  I'm pretty sure the donkeys won't be impressed.  They'll love all the attention...........the bath.......not so much............!!!

This is what happens when lazy FedEx driver doesn't put package in large container, specifically put by gate for that purpose.  

We actually found it inside the fence about 10 feet.  Over the years I have developed a love/hate relationship with package delivery companies and pretty much have their number on speed dial.  They are always very apologetic, but if they get a new driver, we usually go thru a learning curve.....LOL

It doesn't do any good to explain to office personal, that a gate left open, could mean their driver would be helping to round up a lot of donkeys.  Or the price of colic surgery for ingesting plastic or other inedible items, is quite expensive.  Not to mention items destroyed by curious donkeys.  A brand new aluminum radiator with hoof prints all over it, comes to mind.  What really irritated me about that one, the company replaced the radiator, not FedEx, even though I was very adamant who caused the problem.

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