Thursday, April 07, 2016


You would think going to the dentist was the most fun day to do today for the herd.  John drove the truck and trailer up in the driveway, came in the house and this is what it looked like when we went out to load Casper.  Not sure who is in the trailer, might be Boaz.  Linda is in the middle, not easy to see her.

 This is me taking a picture of Linda taking a picture of Dr. Debra working on the little man.  She is proud of the fact that she has never had to "drug" a mule to do their teeth.  Well, the little guy didn't ruin her record, he was pretty good, except for trying to crunch her hand in his mouth.  She has special gloves so it wasn't a big deal.

A woman came over and said Hi Tish..... I am terrible with names and faces, always have been and age hasn't helped the problem.  Actually we had never met, BUT, she was instrumental is saving Rosie and Gigi from being shot and buried, she called to see if we could save them a few years ago.  She said she has been keeping up with Casper's story too.  It was nice to finally meet her and get to thank her for getting involved.  Can't imagine not having these girls around.  

There was also a couple there headed home to California from a cutting horse show in Ft. Worth.  They had stopped off at the sale barn, where Dr. Debra works when she comes to Benson.  I think they would have loaded Casper up, when they left if we had said yes.  We were all teasing around, but I got the idea that they would have taken him.  He is a cute little bugger.  Mike Robertson owns the sale barn and said he remembered Casper and thinks every time he came thru the complaint was, he tried to fight with horses.  He's not even looked at the donkeys cock eyed, the only problem we have is going thru the fence to eat grass at the neighbor's yard.  Found out yesterday, that although he's been caught 3 times, he's been over there more than that.  But he seems to be making an effort to not upset us, by making sure to be on this side of the fence when we might catch him, otherwise...........!!!  LOL

This was one of their horses.  He might not look as impressive here as he did in person, but he was gorgeous.  Wasn't too impressed at having Casper where he could see him.  If horses have never seen a donkey or mule, or a mini, sometimes they will absolutely freak out.  This horse was jumping and bucking in a small pen.  Then he'd stop, blow and snort.  After a couple of minutes of acting like a nut, then he was fine.  In the same situation if a donkey saw something that was that scary, they would probably freeze and look at it.  

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