Saturday, April 16, 2016


Got a call from Rusty the mule's foster Mom.  Rusty and Reba went out about a year ago to be with Ruth an older mule that had lost her horse friend.  

Kris will be calling the vet today to have an evaluation.  He's lethargic, standing around with his eyes closed on a gorgeous spring day and wants Kris to be with him.  He's had spells in the past where he would go off feed and the vet would come out evaluate him, usually give him a B-12 shot and he'd be good to go for awhile.  Kris seemed to think this is different, he is about 37 years old and we use quality of life as the decision.  If the vet can come out today, we'll let her be the final word.  

Rusty about 10 years

We are all up early to feed.  Today there is an Earth Day Celebration at Kartchner Caverns and we will be taking the 4 little minis for display, like we did last year with Ruger and Wister.  We think everything is ready to go, taking 2 trailers, one for donkeys and one for corral panels to make a pen.  We've talked about putting a frame on the outside of the stock trailer to hang the panels on, but it's one of the "round to it" things.  

Should be fun, people that have never been around equine and never thought about donkeys, usually love the little ones, I guess they are less scary.  Of course they have cute little faces too......!!!

Sounds like Gizmo might have a home, with a mini horse and a small donkey.  We'll do a home study next week and see how it goes.

UPDATE:  Rusty was euthanized this morning.  His gums were purple, his heart was racing and his breathing was hard when the vet got there.  She said she could hydrate him and do whatever she could to get him thru this, BUT chances are he would either not come out of it, or crash soon if he did.

Kris said Reba laid down beside him this afternoon for about 2 hours, then got up and went about her business, guess she was saying good-bye.  Kris has also taken in another molly mule, so it will just be the 3 girls now.  I would imagine Rusty was thrilled with another girl, he always thought he was a ladies man.

RIP old man, we have a lot of good memories of you being a mule.......!!!


Witcheylady said...

So sorry Tish...RIP Rusty...Wish I had better words of comfort.

Tish said...

He was a good mule, although like all mules could be opinionated. Usually it was funny and cute, except at worming time, then it got real serious. He had been a family mule, but in all the years he was here, they never called to see how he was doing. I guess out of sight, out of mind. Glad they called us after the 1st "new" home turned out to be a small pen, which was actually a chicken pen complete with chickens.

ellie k said...

Sorry to hear about Rusty, I know you made the right decision but it still hurts. His life made a good blog post many days.