Monday, April 18, 2016

Poco Mierda Blanco Diablo!

Casper has a new name.........  If you know Spanish you might be horrified........!!!! LOL

Thanks for the pictures Linda, they show the natural progression of the little "darling".....!! LOL

Mules large or small, have a way of approaching life that doesn't necessarily bode well for the people around them.

We came home from town yesterday afternoon to a tale of Casper's adventures.  Thank goodness Lynn, Linda and Doug were here, so he might have been to Willcox by the time we got home.

There is a 2 strand wire fence around Doug's RV.  Hasn't been a problem, but if you look at the 1st picture, Casper is really close to Doug's RV.  Doug ran him out, and said he actually came back in right in front of him, as if to show Doug he could do what he wanted.

Then he stood out in the middle of the property, planning his next adventure I guess.  If you notice in the 4th picture you can just barely see him up the road, as he is headed for Gammon's Gulch.  They got him to turn around and head the right direction.  Linda stayed to open the gate, if he knew enough to turn in when he got there.  Couldn't leave it open or the others might have went on a hike too.

When he got close Linda opened the gate, told him to come in and wonders of wonders.........he did.  I'm surprised he didn't just keep on going.  It seems like he's probably been in trouble a lot in his life.  If he gets caught he gives up real quick.........LOL

Over the years our fences have been adequate, donkeys usually aren't fence challengers.  But they will take advantage of a weak spot in the fence, especially during mesquite bean season, when they can see all those neglected beans in the neighbor's yard.  The only other "challenger" was Jack the other little mini mule we had.  Maybe it's a mule thing.

He is still trying to get to Gizmo.  Today we will let Gizmo out to explore for awhile, then we'll let the donkeys out and I haven't decided what to do with Casper.  He'll probably stay in his pen for the day, that is if we can keep him in there.  He went under the corral panels, not long after he got here and took off. 

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