Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GIZMO IS OUT.........!!!

Yesterday morning I took his halter off.  He was pretty good about it, although the halter had been on him so long it was very stiff and hard to unbuckle.  He got impatient and took off, but came back and I got it off.  He has the shape of the halter outlined, on his face,  complete with bald spots because it was too tight, for a long time probably.  

He did very well, came out and went right to Casper, who was staying in his pen since he can't behave.  Of course he started sticking his head thru the corral panels, mouth wide open in a rather threatening manner.  Gizmo, spun and kicked at him, actually got him a couple of times.  So he's not going to be a push over. 

Since he ignored the donkeys and went to hang with Casper, my assumption is, he is NOT a hinny, but is a mule.  When we checked on him during the day most of the time he was in Casper's area, although he would go off and explore.  

At first he went in Tula's pen, which is next to Casper's.  I think he has always been in a pen, or at least for the 6 years Jean had him, he went in, rolled in the sand and acted like it suited him.  We closed all the pens, so he couldn't just stay in what looked like his comfort zone.  After all there is a lot to see and do on 10 acres.  We had Burroland closed, just in case we had to round him up at feeding time.  

He spent the day doing his thing.  Round up was not a problem, if you have food on your body.  He is more than happy to follow you anywhere.  I went out in the afternoon with animal crackers to see if he would follow me.  Not a problem, in fact he's like Penny, he'll run right up your back.........LOL

Today we are doing a home study, a possible home for him with a donkey gelding and a little mini mare.  I have a feeling we better find him a home quickly, or he might be here permanently.  I always accuse John of being a hoarder, but I kinda like this little guy............LOL  

He'll go out today and Casper will stay in like yesterday.  But tomorrow we will all be here all day, so we'll go ahead and let the little white tornado out and see what happens.  I'd like to think he will behave himself, but his track record isn't all that good and he has the scars to prove it.  Hopefully the 5 of us can keep the situation from getting out of control, if necessary. 

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