Friday, April 22, 2016

NICKI got hurt

Last night we all went out to eat and put all the dogs in the dog pen.  Nicki and Lucy have had issues in the past, but lately had been getting along or possibly ignoring each other.  Whichever, there hadn't been any problems between them lately.  

When we got home Linda and Doug went out to let the donkeys out and couldn't get in the feed room door.  Linda heard Nicki squeal, and she thought she had caught his foot under the door and told Doug to come in from the other door.  When he did he saw the 2 dogs in a pile by the door, with Nicki on the bottom.  

Got Lucy off him, and started evaluating the situation.  Lots of blood and puncture wounds on both dogs.  Nicki was having problems standing and once he laid down he stayed down.  He was breathing very heavy and I thought maybe he was on an adrenaline high. We stayed with him till bedtime and I think everyone checked on him at least once thruout the night.  He was still breathing heavy until we checked on him about 5am, when his breathing was normal. 

He would wag his tail, but not try to get up, so this morning I did a pain check on all 4 feet.  One rear leg had no reaction.  Then I checked his spine and there seems to be a displacement.  Called the vet clinic in Tucson and will be taking him in on emergency this morning.  He's about 12 years old, hopefully it's something that can be fixed. 

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