Saturday, April 30, 2016


Little Casper has been over at Lara and Vic's for a few days now.  For a little brat that doesn't like other animals, he sure has fretted, because he was over there and everyone else is over here. He has worn a path beside the fence that is close to a foot deep.  They said he wasn't eating or drinking and we've all tried to figure out how to fix the problem.  Someone mentioned getting him a goat, BUT, if he didn't like the goat, then what do we do, get the goat another goat friend.........LOL  I can see where this could turn into a real problem.  Since he tolerates the donkeys without trying to kill them, we thought about a donkey, but can't use any of ours, they know where home is, and it "ain't" next door.

I still have in the back of my mind the idea that he might get along with a molly mule or a mare.  Unfortunately I've racked my brain and all my friends that have horses or mules either have geldings or mares and geldings.  We already know he doesn't like geldings.  Kris that was fostering Rusty, has 3 aged molly mules, but I wouldn't want to put them into a situation, in case I haven't actually figured out an answer to the problem..........!!!

This morning John walked all the way across Burroland to check on the little guy.  John said he was actually away from the fence, but come just a running when he saw John.  John gave him a carrot and talked to him for awhile.  Lara came over and said he's actually settled down quite a bit and isn't hugging the fence quite as much, and is also eating and drinking.  So hopefully it's going to work out.

I'd still like to find someone willing to see if he will get along with a "girl", with no other "boys" involved.

This is a  picture of a rock squirrel, sitting in Julius' feed dish, packing his cheek pouches with cat food on the back porch.

We thought we had lost Julius this week.  He wasn't here for 3 days and nights, and finally showed up yesterday morning.  He was really spooky, John had cleaned up the back porch, we have friends bringing steaks to grill this afternoon..........YUM!  Julius took one look yesterday at the changes in his safe area and took off out of the back yard.  But this morning he was back and let John pet him, even came in the house for a few minutes.

John noticed someone had sprayed the back door screen, so we think a tomcat has moved into the neighborhood. John is going to set the live trap and if we catch him he will go to the vet for brain surgery.  Years ago when we were trying to catch Julius' mom Hobo, we managed to catch 3 tomcats before we caught her.  I don't know if they belonged to anyone or not, but if they did, when they went home they were walking different than when they left to explore..........!!!!  LOL 

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