Monday, May 02, 2016


Yesterday we took the girls into Tucson to hopefully their new forever home.  
This is the girls getting to know their new friend

The girls going into their pen, being googled by the "neighbors"  The mare with the highest head seems to think she is in charge of the world.  She's like this with the other horses and I guess she will bite you if you stand too close to her pen.  She romped and stomped and lunged the whole time we were there.  I wish the girl's pen wasn't next to her, hopefully she'll settle down quickly to just being bitchy..........!!  I would imagine the girls will just ignore her, donkeys don't do "drama" usually....  LOL

This is their Moab mare on the other side.  She is very sweet and seemed to welcome them to the neighborhood

The people will foster them for a month to see if it will work out.  The pen is smaller than we would like, but they will get 2 days of freedom in one of 2 arenas with their mare every week.  If they're adopted  they will be going to Colorado in the summer, along with the mare.  

A big plus to counteract the less than ideal pen size, is Falena's contracted tendon that requires a shoe.  Tim wasn't fazed at all, when he was told about it.  Most people want donkeys that require no extra care, especially if it costs money.  But he didn't see it as a problem, even though it will be a lifetime commitment.  He wants to train them to pack, which I'm sure will be easy, these girls are really easy to get along with.  

Lynn and Linda will be leaving this Saturday to head back to Colorado for the summer.  We are really going to miss them, they have become family.  For never being around donkeys, they have completely immersed themselves in anything to do with the donkeys.  It's finally warmed up enough to go ahead and body clip Daisy, so that's what Linda and I will do tomorrow, unless something more important comes up.  It's not too hot yet, so we can put it off for awhile, but Linda wants to try everything and this is about the only thing she hasn't done.  

This year instead of putting fly masks on everyone at the same time, we have been observing faces.  If a donkey has more than 3 or 4 flies on their faces or in Frijolita's case gnats, we just put a mask on that one.  I'm sure sooner or later they'll all be wearing masks.  Yesterday was time to put one on Gizmo, the mini mule.  I don't think Gizmo has ever had a mask on before, to say he was less than impressed is an understatement.  Had to put him in a redneck squeeze.  This morning he wasn't overly cooperative, but he did let John put it on without having to go into the squeeze, after they danced around the pen a few times.  John opened the squeeze as a threat, and he said Gizmo decided to give up.  Anyone that thinks these animals aren't smart and don't think, hasn't observed them very long.  

Speaking of Gizmo, he's dived right into the animal cracker way of life.  He presents himself at the front of the pack, whenever crackers might be available.  He has so much personality, and seems to really like people.  I don't carry crackers and he will still come up to me to get scratched.  Of course he usually doesn't stay long without the crackers. LOL  He also spends time over by the fence between Burroland and the 10 acres Casper is staying on.  They both have made a trench in the dirt from pacing back and forth one on one side, the one on the other. 


ellie k said...

Just hide Casper in Linda's trailer and he can be her problem for the summer. It would keep her busy and ready to come back.

Tish said...

We went down this evening to visit with the little devil. He came to the fence and pretty much let us know, the only reason he was there was for the carrots and animal crackers. I sure wish we could figure out what kind of friend he could have. While Doug was in the hospital Saddik stayed in the RV with Linda, Lynn and the 3 dogs. Some nights Lynn ended up either on the couch or the floor, because there was no room on the bed. No telling where Casper would end up.........LOL