Tuesday, May 03, 2016

DAISY'S SPA DAY........!!

Well maybe that's a little over the top, but she did get body clipped for the summer.  



She's very cooperative, just stands and waits for the next animal cracker.  I think she probably appreciates getting rid of all that hair.  

Linda was interested in helping, and she did a great job.   We'll probably do Quilla tomorrow and maybe Coquette the next day.  I'm only good for about one a day.  Quilla is good too, but Coquette, not so good.  She seems to want to keep her hair.  The 1st year I did her, we had to use the squeeze and she still managed to squirm and wiggle.  When I got thru, she looked like she had been thru a leaf shredder.....!!!  And I didn't care, by then, if fact I thought about not clipping her the next year.  But she was a little better, at least I didn't have to use the squeeze.  So we'll see how this year goes.  

I called this afternoon to see how the girls were doing in their new home.  Tim said they are doing just fine and they are really enjoying learning about donkeys and the way their minds work.  They've gone on "family" walks on leads.  He's talked about using them for packing on trails, which would be a lot of fun I would imagine.  Maybe it will happen, he seems really interested.  

I guess Midnight the bitchy horse next to them is continuing to be obnoxious.  He said he thinks the girls are teasing her, to make her lunge at the fence.  I wouldn't be surprised, donkeys usually have a sense of humor and once they figure out she can't get to them, it's their game......!! 

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