Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Today was Quilla's turn.  He's a good boy to work with, although he did get a little squirrely when the clippers started getting dull.  Can't blame him, the blades start tugging when it's time to change them.  But we were so close..........!!!!   A couple of cookies soothed his nerves.  

Almost started without taking a before picture

Linda, bless her heart did most of the clipping today.  I usually do one donkey and then wait a few days for my back and wrists to recuperate.  But we are trying to get the 3 long hairs done before she leaves this week-end.  

 Quilla came in years ago extremely overweight and even though he has lost weight and actually looks much better than this angle makes him look, he still has the fat pones from being heavy.  He has fatty liver disease also, so is always on a diet.  

I guess Daisy thought she should get another spa day, she came in and hung around for awhile.  Linda continued clipping, just about done.

Almost forgot to take an "after" picture.  As you can tell Quilla isn't interested in sticking around, once the cookies were not forthcoming.  I don't know anything about his early life.  The woman we got him from had him for 9 years, but that is a ranch brand on his left hip, a  3 with a umbrella or something like that over the top.  So I assume he probably started out on a ranch.  

We're still looking for a friend for Casper, we are thinking about a mini mare or something like that.  I sure would like to try him with a mare, with no geldings around at all.  Haven't figured out how to accomplish that yet.  I hate to get a little girl or borrow one, and find out it won't work.  Life certainly gets complicated sometimes.......!!

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