Sunday, May 08, 2016



Obviously something has got their attention.  Of course it doesn't take much, I think donkeys curiosity and nosiness compares to a cat.  If we move anything or bring in something new on the property, it has to be looked over by EVERYONE.........!!!  

John and Lynn have really done a number on my race car that was totaled in October.  John went to New Mexico a few months ago and got another Kia Sephia to make into a race car for the dirt track, if it ever opens up again.  They have spent the last 2 days, taking everything worth using again, off this car.  As you can see there isn't much left.  It's headed for our junk yard over in Burroland.  

Lynn has decided he'd like to try racing, when they come back next November. Since I already have another race car for the asphalt, and since the dirt track doesn't seem like it's going to happen, it seemed counter productive to buy another car.    He's already come up with his number and his colors, and was talking about buying a finished Hornet.  John talked him into racing the new Kia.  It just needs to be stripped and all the stuff off this car, put on it, including the engine and transmission.  If the dirt track does by some miracle open up, we'll be scrambling to find another car, but I don't think that will happen.......!!!
John is going to be busy while Lynn is gone, getting the car ready, he loves to work on the cars.  

Lynn and Linda are getting ready to leave in the morning for Colorado, where they live.  We sure are going to miss them, I've gotten lazy since they've been here.  They've jumped right in and enjoy feeding and taking care of the donkeys.  I certainly wouldn't want to interfere with their fun, so I let them do whatever they want.............LOL  Linda's even doing some of the doctoring.  Coquette has a habronema summer sore on the side of her mouth already.  So we're keeping it covered with Ivermectin, which will kill any larvae in the sore. 

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