Monday, May 30, 2016


As far as I know none of my family have been killed in war, although all of the men before my generation served.  Joining the military was expected, especially in time of war.  Not so much anymore, unfortunately.  John spent 23 years in the Air Force, I don't know why everyone wouldn't want to join the military and see the world, it was a great life.  But then again, I think I might have some Gypsy blood in my veins........!!! LOL

Last night we went over to some friends for dinner.  They have a red heeler named Maggie and asked if we'd bring Saddik, so they could play.  Doug has taken him a few times to play with other dogs, but we had never taken him out like that.  

He really wanted to sit in the co-pilot's seat, that's where he sits when he rides with Doug.  My fanny was already there, so he had to settle for sitting in the floor, which unfortunately meant he couldn't see out the windshield.  BUT, he did discover the air conditioning vent, which was almost as good as looking out.  

Then he figured out he could stand up on his hind legs and look out, but that got tiring.  So he put his front feet on my seat and leaned on me for most of the trip, about 40 miles.  But he could see out the windshield, so it was a good least for him.......!!!   I kept telling him he wasn't a lap dog, but he didn't seem to think it was a problem.  

We had a good supper and the dogs played really well together.  He minds well, considering he really hasn't had very much training.  We didn't want him in the house, his tail can be a lethal weapon and Terri, has a lot of what I call "foo-foo" stuff in her house.  I could just see that tail taking out a whole room, if he got started.  We ate outside and if Maggie went in the house he stood by the open door.  A couple of times he put a foot inside and we told him no and he quit.  He is such a nice dog, loves everybody and everybody loves him. It's hard to believe someone dump him out here, they'll never know what they missed.  

The donkeys are all doing pretty good, although GiGi is not eating right now, and gimping around more than usual.  I think the lameness might be from having her feet done a couple of days ago.  She is the one that came in with 11 years of horribly twisted feet, and has to wear a shoe on one of her front feet to keep it from going back the way it had grown.  She does NOT like Tyler, and I don't think she ever will.  She has to be put in the "redneck" squeeze to get her settled down, so he can work with her.  Her front shoulders are deformed from walking "wonky" for all those years and I think squeezing her  maybe made her shoulder sore.  But I don't have an idea why she isn't eating very much.  Quilla did this a couple of weeks ago, for about 3 days and then he was fine.  We'll watch her for a couple of days and hopefully she'll perk up.  

Doug came in the other day with a present for me.  He had been to an art studio in Benson and found this:

It's actually a painting of a donkey on a mouse pad.  He had to get it, said it looked exactly like Boaz and it does.  He didn't know the name of the artist, but it was on the package the pad came in.  B. Peo.......hmmmm that sounded familiar.  Sure enough I checked back and Brenda came out here a couple of years ago to take pictures of the donkeys, for future painting subjects.  So there's a very good chance that this is indeed Boaz.

Over the years we've had quite a few artists and photographers come out to see the donkeys, and many times they share a picture or photograph with us.  When Brenda came out she gave me a donkey picture she had already painted named Nariz, that hangs by my computer, along with others.  

Doctoring is starting to take more time.  Although it isn't really hot yet, the flies have moved in and some of the doctoring has to do with the flies.  Unfortunately a lot of it seems to be caused by the heat, sun and immune system problems on some of the donkeys.  This morning I noticed a lot of flies above a bandage on Quilla's leg.  Cut the bandage off and the sore I covered a couple of days ago was about twice the size it was then.  It's been covered, no sunlight, no way for the flies to get to it, medicine on it, BUT, the sore grew anyway.  One reason I'm never bored I guess..........LOL

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