Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Well at least I hope so.  Our friend Michelle came out today and asked if we'd like a friend for Saddik.  She knew of an older man that had a younger dog that is just too energetic and needed to be rehomed.  Preferably where he could run and play.  Hmm.......sounds right up Saddik's alley, so Michelle called to see if they would like to bring him out for a play day.  

His name is Punch, which I've tried to think of something close to that, but haven't come up with anything so far.  Changing names for dogs is a lot different than changing names for donkeys, dogs actually know their names and react to them.  Donkeys........not so much.  I have a feeling if I don't come up with something today, it will be Punch for the duration.  

So they brought him out and he is a bundle of energy, which of course thrills Saddik, to no end.  We started them in the dog pen and right now they are out with John and Doug, who are working on Rosie's shelter.

When Lynn built Rosie's shelter it ended up 80 inches deep.  We have looked and looked for 7 foot roofing panels and guess what?  They don't make them, you can get 6 foot or 8 foot, but not 7 foot.  So the guys are elongating the shelter to make it 2 inches shorter than 10 feet.   Ten foot are easy to find and it will give Rosie more shade.  

Punch is a Kelpie cattle dog.  I went on line, and there is quite a bit of information about them, one thing is they have to be able to "work" or at least play at work.  Not a good apartment dog or one that doesn't have room to run.  That's good, he'll have plenty of room to run out here.  I just hope Saddik, doesn't show him how to take off for the day, like he did with Lynn and Linda's dog Lucy. 

He's already tried to herd the minis, which didn't go over very well.  They ran and bucked and kicked, which of course made it very exciting for him.  We'll have to try to control his exuberance for chasing donkeys.  They are very smart dogs, I'm sure he will get the hint, I just hope he doesn't get his head kicked off first.

A few of the other donkeys came around to see what all the excitement was about, but he hasn't seen most of them, so this afternoon at feeding time, should be "interesting".........!!!  

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