Friday, June 24, 2016


Published in Grit magazine Jan/Feb 2011 - Sue Hansen
Daisy choked again last night.  As the donkeys get older and their teeth either fall out or end up smooth and at gum level, hay chewing becomes a problem sometimes.  Daisy has choked in the past and we thought maybe the problem was pellets.  So she gets a mush with her hay.  She's been doing good, but last night choked on hay that John had ran thru the leaf shredder.  Unfortunately I think the short hay gives them the opportunity to grab a big mouthful, but if we leave it long, they give up before they get it chewed.  

We worked with her for awhile, Courtney was here trimming feet and had to go to another job.  I took the golf cart to open the gate for Courtney to leave and when I came back John said Daisy coughed out a big blob of green stuff and seemed just fine.  It's amazing how miserable they can be and as soon as it clears life is good and life goes on as far as they are concerned.  

We are so "politically incorrect" on how we handle them when they choke.  If anyone is around when we have a choke, I tell them, they don't see what I'm doing.....!!! LOL  Donkeys throats are built different than horses and have smaller opening where the back of the mouth meets the esophagus.  If I called the vet immediately as my first line of defense, number 1, our local vet is not available for emergencies, and over the years very few of our chokes have required tubing.  And number 2, 99 times out of 100 they would clear themselves, with the help of some of my little tricks before the vet could get here, if she was available.  If the choke is at the top of the esophagus, I can clear it.

Old Pepper use to choke at the top of his stomach, which I can't clear.  I wasn't here one time and he choked for John.  John called the vet clinic, they said bring him in, John loaded him up, hauled him to town.  Opened the trailer and Pepper was looking at John like, "why did I have to go for a ride, I hadn't finished my breakfast"?  So sometimes a trailer ride will clear a choke.......LOL

So this morning she got wet hay, like Cisco gets.  At first she looked at it like we had lost our minds.  But it didn't take her long to dive in.  I just hope she doesn't take big bites.  A good friend Claire, says hay is like equine jerky.  When you think about it, that's a pretty good description, old dried out grass.

Doug just came in.  He's been gone for about a week to visit family in California.  He drove his motorcycle and did the trip at night.  It's just too hot to try travel in the day. 

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