Sunday, June 05, 2016


Casper in a very interesting study.  He seems to go thru life according to his idea of right and wrong and pretty much does his thing on a regular basis.  

Lara said he and the 2 goats are getting along real good and stay together all the time.  Whew, we didn't know if he would like them or hate them.  

Vic told us quite a tale, well actually Doug told us first and then we asked Vic if it was true.  Vic and Lara have chickens in a pen.  A couple of days ago, they heard a horrible racket like someone was killing someone else.  They went out to see what the commotion was and saw a coyote being rolled by a very determined little white mule.  The coyote was squalling, Casper was screaming as he rolled the coyote with his front legs.  The coyote managed to escape and was headed for the fence as fast as he could run.  They said Casper ran him down before he got to the fence and bit a pretty good sized patch of hair off of his rump.  The coyote was still running and managed to get up and over the fence to safety.  Too bad they didn't get a video of it, they said it was really something to see.  I'm sure the coyote wouldn't agree, but I doubt that he'll be back to check out the chicken pen anytime soon..!!!! LOL

Friday we went in to sign the final adoption for Falena aka Momma and Selena aka Squeaky.  

 You might know I had all the paperwork filled out, ready to go............except I had paperwork filled out with the wrong name and address.  I got my Tim's and Ted's mixed up, so we couldn't do the paperwork.  But we did get to say good-bye to the girls and I mailed the "correct" paperwork later.

They look good and Tim and Steph said they are getting pretty good at pulling Sierra's chain. She being a horse, in her mind is a superior animal and tries to put them in their place.  While we were there, they weren't allowed to come over to us.  So they just waited awhile till she went off somewhere else and then came over. 

This is Sierra "protecting" us from "those" donkeys. 


OutStandingInMyField said...

He likes goats and he hates coyotes. ;-) Maybe he could be a livestock protector.

Tish said...

The little devil is only about 32 inches tall, vet says maybe 250 pounds. But he doesn't want for guts, one of the neighbors rode her horse over there this morning and he was trying to attack the horse thru the fence. I've never seen an equine like him, if he doesn't like an animal he goes into high gear attack mode. He likes people, we're just glad he isn't 15 hands high and weighing 1000 pounds...!! LOL

Shannon Brown said...

How cool is little Casper! I love reading your blog Tish. There is always adventure on your donkey sanctuary. This is Shannon Doug's daughter and Ryleann and I sure do miss all the time we got to spend there. We just love Casper and his adventures! He is quite the character and so cute! I am so glad that my Dad is there with you is good for him. Ryle and I live sadek and the new puppy punch. Looking forward to the next post. Take care and tell John we said hello. Shannon and Ryleann
She likes reading your blog too!

Tish said...

He's not cool, he's a little brat that seems to believe the world revolves around him. LOL Really glad he finally ended up with us after going thru 3 auctions and the woman that gave him to us in 3 months. And that the neighbors are set up to baby sit the little monster........!! He's cute as a button, but certainly has an odd way of relating to his fellow equine, except for donkeys.