Thursday, June 23, 2016


I know it's a dry heat.  That all seemed to change sometime during the night, woke up to sticky humidity and actually a few wayward sprinkles hit the courtyard.  We're still cloudy, so it's not quite as hot as it has been, but with the higher humidity.............I still don't like it......!!! 

The poor donkeys, all they do is stand around under the trees waiting for it to get cooler.  We're actually doing pretty good with flies this year.  I use the fly predators and the fly trap bags, and between the two they aren't bad. 

Of course the skin problems draw what flies we have, so I stay busy trying to figure out the best way to cover them.  I've set in a supply of men's crew socks, and they work well, unless the legs are bloody.  Then the sores have to be wrapped, otherwise they stick to the socks..........UGH!  

Boaz has a different type of skin lesion than the rest of them.  His sloughs off the skin and the hair immediately starts growing back.  In the meantime with no skin it is a slick and slimy mess.  The best thing I've found for it is Underwood Horse Medicine and in fact I need to order some more.  It's a family business in Oklahoma and is about the only thing that will stop whatever Boaz has. 

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