Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It's sure going to be boring around here for awhile, while we slip back into our usual day to day routine.  Lynn and Linda were really fun to have around and they worked the whole time they were here.  As we've gotten older it seems like we do more "round to it" than actually getting things done.  No problem with those two, Lynn was out at 2AM one morning digging a trench, he said it was cooler....!!!  LOL  

I took some pictures this morning as they were saying good bye to the donkeys.  The donkeys are going to miss them too, they always had cookies in their pockets and believe me the donkeys keep track of important things like that.  

Linda after the dogs, they were play fighting

Lynn saying good-bye to some of the "fur" kids
Doug and John joining in the social hour

Saddik with his new collar, that has his name and phone number on it.  Since he likes to roam occasionally,  they thought he should have a collar, so he won't be confused with a stray, if he's out and about.  He's really going to miss their 3 dogs, since Nicki is gone.  They've developed a whole doggie routine of playing and they were as energetic as he is.   

They already plan on coming back in the fall, and we have incentive.  Lynn wants to try racing and has already started working on the roll cage out of the old Kia.  

Before Lynn left, he sanded and painted the roll cage,

John's assignment if he gets "around to it" is to get the motor and transmission put in this car and get it painted white.  From white it can go any direction.  I think Lynn wants it orange and blue.  I think that's the Denver Bronco colors....!!

Managed to salvage the trunk from my car, with the original BlackJack Racing logo.  

 The trunk might not work, if the car ends up orange and blue,.  We were at Culver's, our favorite fast food place at this time in history the other day and I saw a paint job that would be perfect.  I have spent quite a bit of time on the internet since, trying to find an comparable paint job, so far no luck.  

The Mustang was orange.  The front was black (which could easily be blue) but as it went up the fenders and hood, rather than be solid black, it thinned out to almost nothing except a few specks.  Really eye catching, wish I'd taken a picture of it.  The back was also creatively painted.  

John went over to visit with Casper after chores tonight.  He said Casper was more than willing to take treats, but still wouldn't let John pet him.  John said when he left, Casper started calling to him, probably wanted more goodies.  The flies are getting pretty busy, and Vic hasn't put his fly mask on yet, so we'll check with him tomorrow and see if we need to help put it on him.  Casper's not real cooperative unfortunately.  


Chelra said...

Lynn n Linda's family will be missed that's for sure. We missed them plenty from the park here. I'm happy they will be coming back. I watched a video the other day about how hard donkeys greive when the routine changes. I hope everything goes well.

Tish said...

I have a feeling they are missed anywhere they go, they really are a wonderful couple.

Chelra said...

Very true ;-)