Thursday, May 26, 2016


Yesterday I got a call from woman, wanting to know if I had any orphans that might need a momma.  She has a mare that had tried to give birth the night before to a too large foal, that had to be sacrificed to save the mare.  She said the mare has had 4 babies and absolutely loves having them to raise.  

Come to find out she is up in Buckeye about 150 miles from here.  She said she had called all the rescues and horse places up there and was branching out trying to find a baby for her mare to raise.  

Kudos to her for a lot of reasons, thinking of the mare, thinking of some little foal that could have a more normal life, if a momma could raise him.  And willing to make the effort to find a baby.  She said the last baby the mare raised, she also mothered a baby deer.  Things like this, put my faith in human nature back into the plus column. 

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