Saturday, May 14, 2016


I guess we saved the best for last.  Daisy just patiently stands when you clip her or anything.  She had very good training, unlike most of our gang.  Quilla is just as good, not because of training, so much as he is just a sweet boy.

When Linda was here she helped clip Daisy to learn and then did Quilla by herself.  That left darling Coquette to be done.  Coquette isn't bad, but she is opinionated on where on her body you can clip without a fuss.

John and I got our "toys" together and headed out for battle.  She was actually pretty good about most of her body on both sides.  Equine are right brained/left brained, which means just because one side is easy to work with, doesn't mean the other side will be as easy.

One hind leg was OK, the other one, not so much.  Also under her jaw on the right side.........have no idea why.  She threw a couple of warning kicks which is really irritating.  So I tried a simple version of scotch hobbling, and forgot that donkeys are really quite agile on 3 legs.  As I said I wasn't in full scotch hobble mode, didn't really have a long enough rope, so we danced around and around for a few minutes, until the idea of using the redneck squeeze went thru my brain.  Got her in there and managed to get her finished, in between the pipe railing, with my hands still intact.  Actually except for under the jaw she stood still, so we got done pretty quick.

Doesn't look like the same donkey does it?  The flies are already starting on her legs, she is one of the fly magnets, that has to be doctored all summer or covered up with leg wrappings.

I'm waiting for the results of her blood test for Cushings Dr. Lindsey drew when she was out to see Tula about her mouth.  Coquette has long hair as you could see in the picture, but she might just be a long haired type of donkey. There are quite a few different breeds of donkey, from all over the world with different characteristics.  She's very likely insulin resistant at best, it's impossible to get the 25 plus extra pounds she is carrying off of her.  Our donkeys are fed a typical diet for insulin resistance anyway, but without putting her in a pen 24/7, we can't control what she browses off the property.

Talked to the neighbors about bringing Casper back to see if he had mellowed towards Gizmo.  John had seen them standing beside each other with the fence between them and thought maybe Casper had decided to be friends.  Lara said he still lunges at the fence, kicking and biting, so I guess not.  Unfortunately he couldn't stay here long term, unless he decided to respect our 4 strand barbed wire exterior fence, instead of doing a combat crawl under it .........LOL  Sure wish I could find someone that has no geldings, just a mare or two to see if it's all horses or just geldings.  He's OK with donkeys, in fact he liked to hide in the herd, when we caught him outside the fence and he had scooted back under the fence.  Guess he thought we'd think he had been there all the time..........!!! 


ellie k said...

Did you cut his tail shorter or is he swishing it? He sure look better and I imagine feels better.

Tish said...

No she was swishing her tail, probably to let me know what she thought of the whole situation..........LOL