Friday, May 13, 2016


Got an e-mail this morning, guess they woke up to 29 degrees.....!!!   LOL..........they tried to drag their feet as much as possible, but I guess they ran out of things to do on the road before the weather warmed up.  Of course it's flirting with 100 degrees here, which isn't any better in an RV.   

 Linda took this picture the day we were clipping Quilla.  I was changing the blades, with Gus' help of course. 

 This is a picture of Boaz outside Lynn and Linda's bedroom window.  He has begging down to a fine art and I assume thought they should hand him a cookie out the window.........LOL

 Saddik, Lucy, who is tied up because she and Saddik liked to run off on an adventure and little Gizmo, who doesn't miss much that goes on around here.  Saddik sure misses their 3 dogs, especially Lucy, his running partner.

 I think Justin was checking out their RV, to see if there was room for him to hitch a ride to Colorado. 

It sure is boring around here with them gone, they livened up this "retirement" home.  They plan on coming back in the fall, which will be great. 

Linda sent this picture of them geocaching somewhere in New Mexico.  The cache was a micro (very tiny) magnetic thing attached under this metal donkey's tail.  I'm not up to speed on geocaching, but from what they said, people are very clever when hiding the little treasures.  There is one right across from our driveway, that someone hid last year.  We couldn't figure out why people would drive in our driveway, day and night, sit out there for a little while and leave until Lynn and Linda told us what was going on.  The caches are named, the one by our driveway is called, Old Donkey Heaven, so we get free advertising....!!

They only saw 3 donkeys on the whole trip back to Colorado, but Linda said they saw 88 elk......!!  Now that they have become donkey lovers, I'm sure they will won't miss any on their travels in the future.

Well the flies finally started hanging around.  The fly traps are doing a rousing business and everyone has their fly masks on now.  The donkeys with bare legs are wearing polo wraps, and Penny even has crew socks above the polo wraps.  I finally figured out that if I put crew socks above the knee and polo wraps below the knee, the knee could bend without interference.  I only have to redo them a couple of times a week, which is a lot better than every day.....!!!

Penny has gotten much more cooperative.  We use to have to put her in the redneck squeeze, put a halter and lead on and tie her up.  Then we did the "you aren't picking up my foot, yes I am" dance until she would finally give up.  She will now let me pick up her feet, without any squeeze or halter.  Of course John is standing by with animal crackers, whatever it takes to make life easy, we do.......!!! LOL

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