Monday, April 11, 2016


We are leaving this morning to go up to Show Low to pick up the little hinny. We actually have no idea what we are going to pick up.  She says it's a hinny, but they call it Donkey.  She says he's been used for roping, but mules or in this case a hinny aren't usually roped, so I'm wondering if his aversion to halters and leads is taken as roping abuse?  Our experience with mules that haven't been in stable comfortable homes, really have no interest in cooperation with what they see as stupid unnecessary people in their lives.  

Lynn and Linda will be in charge while we're gone.  Doug has been in the hospital with pneumonia for a few days, but is suppose to come home today.  Lynn and Linda have the routine down pat, and Linda will even have a tour today.  She's great at doing them, I think she likes talking about the donkeys.  

I raced Saturday night, got another "DNF", did not finish......!!!  It was almost a replay of the last race, I didn't finish.   All of a sudden the car starts coughing and sputtering and eventually quit, so I almost couldn't get off the track.  Where I stopped in the pits, left a puddle of gas.  John had changed the complete fuel system, so needless to say he wasn't very happy about the situation.  

I went out with 1/4 tank of gas, and the tank was bone dry, when John checked it.  Got it home, he checked it the next day and found a broken clip that holds the gas line to the fuel filter.  Once it came loose, with the fuel pump, still pumping, I basically ran out of gas.  I'm sure not having a very good start this year.  Hopefully we'll get all the bad luck over early, and do good the rest of the season............OR NOT........!!!  LOL

This is the type of thing that usually happens with young males age 16-25, sometimes after saying to a friend, "hold my beer and watch this".......!!  

This tarantula was found in one of the pens and we were afraid she would get stepped on.  So John picked her up and started showing her to Lynn and Linda.  

She was on Linda's hand for awhile, then John took her back and she dug her fangs into his finger. 

 Linda got this picture, just as she nailed him with her fangs.  Notice the open mouthed surprised look on his face...!!  LOL

 We tried everything we could think of to get her to let go, stuck John's hand in the freezer, turned her upside down, but nothing worked.  Called the Desert Museum, they called back and were amazed she held on for 37 minutes, before John finally got her to retract her fangs.

We called Tony, that has been out a lot this spring, with Mike building shelters.  He got a degree in whatever bug study is called.  He said they usually just strike, so he was surprised at her tenacity also.  He asked if she was thin and she was thinner than the female usually are.  He said she probably just came out of hibernation and was really hungry.  He said she was probably trying to eat John, guess we should have tried to find a cricket and waved it in front of her.  John finally got one fang loose and she gave up.  We took her back where we found her, but put her up against the shelter wall and later on she had disappeared.

This is the result of her attack.  We soaked it, a little triple antibiotics, bandaid and he was good to go.  The experts said it's somewhat like a bee sting.  John said it wasn't bad, except when she dug the fangs in deeper, when he was trying to get her to turn loose. 


ellie k said...

John I could never handle that, I hate for those little tiny ants to bite me. They leave bit welts and then fill fill yellow stuff in a few days. Really anxious to see the new arrival. It is so good to have extra hands so you can leave the ranch and know it is in good hands. Get well wishes tp Doug.

Tish said...

Sounds like fire ants. My uncle lived in Houston and had lots of them, they are horrible. We have some type of small ant here, not sure if they are fire ants or not, but they are nasty. They use to get on the chickens that had a small scrape, or open wound of some kind and would almost eat them alive, before we'd catch them.

Doug seems to be good, although he's weak, he said they tried to starve him to death in the hospital, so not sure if he is weak from hunger or the pneumonia. LOL

Linda and Lynn are "found treasure", they are just great. We drove in from the trip yesterday afternoon and they had the truck unloaded in no time. Still trying to figure out how to adopt them.......LOL