Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring winds have set in.............!!!

BlackJack, John and Cisco, doing their thing up at Gammons Gulch a few years ago.  There was clutter of vehicles behind them  and also off to the right.  Linda said she knew someone that could "fix" it, and I think it came out great......!!  The movie was      THE GUNDOWN

Spring in the desert is usually windy and today has REALLY been windy.  We went down to Sierra Vista about 50 miles away to find a 12 foot corral panel, with a 4 foot gate built into it.  Lynn is redoing Rosie's pen, so she can have a nice shelter to eat in and we can stand up in it if we want to.  Lynn figured out if we lengthened the pen with another panel, when visitors come to see the donkeys, we wouldn't have to let her out with Gigi.  Her pen is within Gigi's pen and didn't have access to where the people stand.

John had a doctor's appointment, and there are 2 places that sell corral panels in Sierra Vista.  But the 1st one didn't have panels with a gate.  The 2nd one did, but after checking inventory, paying for it and going to the yard to pick it up............they didn't have it.

Of course we were after the cheapest one to serve the purpose..........bummer.  They did have a better quality one that had a bent pipe and they said they would discount it.  I must say they were more than generous, it ended up only costing $6 more than the other one.  Believe me, it cost a lot more than that to start with.  Enough that I wasn't going to buy it............LOL

We should have taken the trailer, a 12 foot long panel, 51/2 feet tall, won't fit in the pick-up bed.  Thank goodness John always carries tie down straps, ended up tying it down on top of the bed and driving home very conservatively.   The wind added to the adventure, but we made it.  LOL

 Casper was out all day yesterday and all night last night and as far as we know didn't go outside the fence.  Either he's getting satisfied with being here or sneaking out when we don't know it.  LOL  Since he doesn't play well with Gizmo, and ignores the donkeys,  they are taking turns being out of the pens.  Each one gets 24 hours out of the pen, while the other one has to stay in the pens for that time.  So far it's working out just fine.  Just wish the little monster would behave himself.  Gizmo would still like to be friends, but Casper just isn't going to give up trying to fight with him I guess.....!!

You know how sometimes something happens that makes you think the world is getting smaller and smaller?  Well yesterday was such a day.

Lynn and Linda have some good friends staying in Tucson in their RV for awhile.  They invited them out for a visit and to see the donkeys.

We were all jabbering about this and that, really nice people and we ended up, guys talking military and gals talking about something, don't even remember what.  All of the sudden the guys come over and get in our space.  John says, "you're not going to believe this" and he was right, it was pretty unbelievable.  Russ and I are cousins by marriage, if you want to stretch the bonds of family...........!!! LOL I guess they were talking about where they had been stationed and John said he'd met me at Richard's Gebaur, AFB outside Kansas City and as they say, it all started falling into place that we were from the same little town, went to the same school, and shared relatives.

Not only that, he spent time with the aunt and uncle that ties us together and their 5 kids, and that aunt and uncle only lived about 2 blocks from where I lived, and we spent a lot of time with them also.  I'm from the aunt's side of the family and he was from the uncle's, and he is older than me, so we didn't run across each other in school, although we both graduated from the same school and I actually had heard quite a bit about his family over the years.  Even remembered after he left that his Mother was a nurse for the local doctor.    He actually remembered my uncle that was like my big brother, who was 2 years ahead of him in school that wasn't involved in any of this mess.  I even had a package of family pictures to send to Judy, one of the kids, which I showed him.

Russ and Patti looking at the family pictures, thanks Linda

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ellie k said...

It is a small world when people get together, almost always someone knows someone or something about another in the group. I think that is so neat. I have found a few long lost family on face book.