Wednesday, April 20, 2016

TODAY IS THE DAY..........!!!


Everyone is here today, so we will let Casper out, while Gizmo is out with the donkeys and see how it goes.  I hope he behaves himself, better than he has while they are separated.  Mules can be a challenge, that's for sure.  

Here is an article about a little mule named Muffin and I think this is a pretty common story for mules unfortunately.  Although Casper going thru the auction 3 times since January and being handed off to someone else that handed him off to us, doesn't seem to have put any fear into him.  He actually seems to be very adept at getting along and doing his thing.  But he is difficult to catch and without a redneck squeeze not sure you'd ever get him.  He's well behaved, even under stress he's never kicked at any of us, but he does seem to know how long a human arm is and also seems to be aware that humans can't run as fast as he can............LOL

Gizmo is quite a lovebug..............on his terms.  Since I took his halter off, I've been scratching his head and neck every morning when I go out.  He sees me coming and comes to the side of his pen to be scratched.  This morning I went in the pen and he was OK with that.  Jean said he is afraid of ropes because he was used for roping practice, so for now, no ropes are in his life.  Jean had him for 6 years, but mules never forget. I have a feeling getting a halter back on him, will require a squeeze. 

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