Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Yesterday was Casper's day to be out of the pens, and a couple of hours after everyone went out, we got a call from a neighbor, that Casper was down by their place in the road roaming around without a care in the world.......Grrrrrr.........!!!  

Lynn, Linda and I went to retrieve the little devil and as we spread out with a plan, we found out that he doesn't need to find a place he can go under the fence, he basically goes in and out wherever he wants to.  We got him to the pen area and he went in the pen no problem.  Of course we closed the gate on him, so we wouldn't have to spend anymore time rounding him up.  And Gizmo got to go out for the day.  

The neighbor's that tattled on him, came for a visit yesterday afternoon and we got to talking about Casper's little problem.  Actually it isn't his problem it's our problem.  We really don't like to leave them in the pens all the time, but he just doesn't see a need to stay within the property lines.  They have 10 acres that is fenced with horse fence, which is squares about 6 inches square.  Vic is a horse person and had an old mule named Chief, we helped him find a few years ago.  Chief is actually buried on our property.  They said they would be willing to foster Casper.  It's almost perfect, 10 acres, horse fencing, no other equines and they will let him do whatever he wants.  I don't think he'll be able to get out of the horse fence, unless he knows how to climb it, and that is a possibility I guess.  He's surprised us more than once already......LOL

Linda took this picture during yesterday's round-up.  I'm doing my best to look unassuming and not interested in what he is doing.  He's watching me, just before he takes off running past me towards Linda.  I guess he figured out I was probably interested in him after all.  He ran down the road, took a right hand turn, went under the fence and headed for the pen area.  Bad decision on his part, that's when we got him back in the pen and he had to stay there.  I sure hope this works out, it would be a good home for him.  

This is Frijolita and Daisy trying to figure out what the heck we are doing out there.  We hardly ever go down that side of the property especially outside the fence.  

So now little Gizmo can be out all the time.  Maybe he and Casper can visit thru the fence, they will be sharing between our properties.  

Gizmo is very sweet and loves people.  He's going to have to have a special home, where the people will him lots of attention and he has equine friends.  

Linda and I were going to body clip Daisy today, as you can see in the picture she is much shaggier than Frijolita, which is one of the symptoms of Cushings disease.  She has been on medication for years and it does control most of her symptoms, but every year I do have to clip her.  

The reason we didn't is this morning was jacket weather for some reason and the weatherman says cold nights the rest of this week.  I don't think she would appreciate losing her hair in middle of a cold snap, so we'll just wait.  

This is a picture Doug took of Rosie's new shelter, made out of pallets.  For right now they are just using a tarp, but eventually the plan is to cover it with fiberglass roof panels.   Most of the designs you see for these shelters use tarp, but in Arizona they only last one season, if you are lucky.  Sunny Arizona is good for a lot of things but tarp longevity isn't one of them. 

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