Wednesday, April 06, 2016



Sure glad Doug, Linda and Lynn are here this week.  John and I have been hanging out in doctor offices.  What that means is, you are there before your appointment and maybe, if you are lucky they come get you within 1/2 hour, put you in a room to wait, and wait, and wait some more.  So although we try to make appointments to get home on time, it doesn't always work out that way.  But when we got home,  the donkeys were taken care of, so we didn't have to rush so much.  Thanks guys........!!!!

Still not much problem with flies, which is really nice.  I started the predator wasps early this year, Spalding Lab  said start in February, so that's what we did.  I feel sorry for the little wasps that get delivered in cold weather I would imagine the freezing nights do them in pretty quick, unless they find a warm place in the poo pile with maggot eggs, that's what they parasite, and then the eggs don't hatch..........!! 

Little Casper is managing to stay in the doghouse.  One afternoon when we came back from Tucson, Doug met us at the gate with a story to tell and Linda as a witness.  

They were out by the pens which are close enough to the neighbor's place that a little white mule shows up really good if you happen to see him.  Doug saw him on the other side of the fence and yelled at him.  Doug said he came to the fence, got down on his knees and squirmed and wiggled until he popped out on this side.  The little stinker obviously knows where he belongs and also obviously doesn't care.........LOL  Doug said he was glad Linda saw Casper do it too, or we wouldn't believe him. 

 Actually, Casper isn't the first one to escape like that.  A few years ago, Jack which incidentally was another little mini mule (there seems to be a pattern) was upset because we closed Burroland during mesquite bean season to try to control the amount of beans they had access to.  Jack seemed to think he was being mistreated and went thru the fence more than once, in fact it was like a daily occurance.  He never went anywhere except Burroland, he wasn't trying to escape, he just wanted to eat beans...........!!! 

Here's another picture Linda took of us recently.  They had been staying at one of the local RV parks, before they moved out here. I guess they participated in a lot of the entertainment in the park, and were invited back after they left when something was going on.  

So Linda and Lynn asked us to go to a end of the season dance, they held, before all the winter visitors hit the road for home.  The guy doing the music usually plays somewhere in Tombstone and was really good.  I bugged John to dance, actually for quite awhile, before he finally gave in.  Then we tried to figure out the last time we had even danced.  We think it was prior to 1982.......!!!  We both survived the experience with our toes intact and didn't fall down, so I guess it was fun....!!!   Sure different than the old jitterbug days, when John use to do lifts with me.  I'm sure one of us would get hurt if he tried that again.....!!! LOL  Some things are just better as memories, I think. 


ellie k said...

Do people put those long yokes on mules like they put on cows that keep crawling through the fence? I don't think they are called yokes but could not think of what they call them . I used to see my dad put them on cows until they decided to stay home. There is a piece of tree sticking up and down and makes it impossible to get through a fence. I have never seen a horse or mule with one. I know silly question but it started me to wondering.
Enjoy having the extra hands and have a little life while you can.

Tish said...

We couldn't do that out here because of all the mesquite trees and brush. He'd probably spend most of his time trying to get loose. We've also found out he is going over to the neighbor's and coming home without getting caught. I guess the only time we are catching him is when we are out at a time other than feeding time, or when he thinks he won't get caught. He's not trying to escape, he's just going over to eat grass. LOL