Thursday, April 14, 2016


Well at least I hope he is.  This morning when round up was going on, for everyone to go in their pens for breakfast, Casper started "attacking" Gizmo in his pen.  John got the BB gun, stood on the porch of the feed room, which is at least 20 feet away and popped Casper on the butt.  John said he tucked his fanny and took off running............right into his pen......!!!   He's obviously not stupid.........LOL  From that distance it won't hurt him, but obviously he felt it.  

 Gizmo is a little stockier, but I have a feeling it doesn't matter with Casper, he didn't get all the scars he's carrying, by giving up, I'm sure.....!!

We haven't had to use the BB gun since Paladin was here, after a recent gelding and thought every jenny on the property was fair game, just had to catch one.  He was chasing Tula one time and she ducked under a large tree limb........he didn't.  He almost went down, and as it was had quite a nasty swelling open wound on his forehead.  Didn't even slow him down, unfortunately neither did the BB gun.  The only thing that worked was finding him a home with another gelding.......!!

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ellie k said...

Now I can see Gizmo, is he a donkey, mule or what?