Sunday, March 27, 2016


Well, Casper is expanding his world.  Just got a call from the nearest neighbor that he was "visiting".  John went out and sure enough, he was enjoying her grass.  There isn't a blade on this side of the fence, the donkeys have made sure of that.  

John loaded up with cookies and headed out.  He said when he got over there, Casper was more than happy to follow him back, and in fact showed John where he got thru the fence.  John said actually it was no problem, there are plenty of opportunities in the wash for a little guy to go thru.  So John has something to do this afternoon, try to outsmart Casper.......!!!  (My money is on Casper)  I'm sure this won't be his first escape, no matter how many places John fixes......!!!  

Had a tour this morning and another one later this afternoon.  The guys that were out here this morning have been out before.  They brought apples, carrots and bags of animal crackers.  Needless to say, the donkeys were thrilled to see them........and Casper too.  He's really figured this tour  process out, and starts squealing when we move onto the next pen.  They want to come out and do some grooming, which the gang will appreciate almost as much as the goodies. 


ellie k said...

Do the donkeys get apple slices, that must be a treat. Do you watch Dr. Pol on Saturday? He is a vet in Michigan and does a lot of really interesting cases. This week a cow had an apple stuck in it throat. Apples made me think of it, I know slices are the way you go.

Tish said...

Yes,if they get apples they are slices. Much easier for them to bite and swallow. I've heard of animals getting apples caught in their throats, that would really be scary and probably expensive.

ellie k said...

Yes Dr. pol run a tube down the cows throat and pushed the apple on down. People feed animals a lot of whole tomatoes and oranges here, you see dump truck loads of the fruit being emptied in the pastures along with dukes and squash.

ellie k said...

Cukes and squash, spell check can be bad at times.