Sunday, March 20, 2016


I don't know if he is classified as a member of the family or not, but he's been in the well house since last fall.  We all are careful when opening the door and REALLY careful if we have to go in the well house.  It's actually probably a female, they are usually larger and thicker than the males.  Oh! well at least we don't have to worry about mice chewing the wiring in the well house anymore........LOL

The headline reflects the continuing saga of a restful Saturday at the Hiestand's.  Once the tours were over, the next thing was to feed early so John and I could get to the track to watch our son's first race of the season, in his modified.

Doug and John went out to round up the donkeys and I got on the computer to catch up for the day.  About the time I thought the guys would have the donkeys in their pens, John came in and said he needed my help to get Casper in his pen.............WHAT?  Casper is suppose to be IN his pen..........what happened? 

It seems that having access to 6 pens wasn't enough, he put his head under one of the gates and lifted it off the hinges and took off.  Took off is pretty descriptive of what I saw when I got outside.  So much to look at, and people interfering with the adventure.

Tula and Boaz were still out and he wanted to follow them.  Boaz doesn't like him, so there was a certain amount of running involved.  Of course Saddik, the dog thought the running was great fun, and chose to participate.  We put him in the dog pen with Nicki and the next thing we know he's out running around again.  One of our next purchases will be electric fencing to run around the top of the dog pen.  We'll only need to use it when Saddik needs to be confined during donkey round-up.  As it is, we lost the use of Doug for the round-up, because he had to take Saddik into his RV.

Actually John did a sneaky and we got Casper in Gi-Gi and Rosie's pen, much to their disgust since they were already in it.  So we got a halter on him, back into his original pen, John set up as a stud pen.  He was still in it this morning, which was a good thing.........LOL

The modified races were............interesting.........!!!  On the 4th lap a car spun, Rod moved up the track a little to avoid the spinning car and introduced himself to a car that saw what was going on and was in the process of passing Rod on the outside.  He slammed into the right corner of Rod's car and went up over the right front wheel.  He became a flying squirrel and crashed into the styrofoam barriers at the entry onto the track.  Rod said it looked like a snow storm, with all that styrofoam crushed into little pieces flying in the air.  I know it was pretty wild looking from the grandstands, hope someone got a action shot.  Rod's car was done for the night.

It took them 3 or 4 restarts to get thru lap 6.  Usually the modifieds go out, run their race, with little or no drama.  Last night wasn't one of those nights unfortunately.  My Hornet class will run the 9th of April, I hope we do better than they did.............!!  LOL

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