Saturday, March 19, 2016

WHAT A DAY.........SO FAR.......!!!


We knew we were going to have 3 tours today and a possible 4th.  The 4th one cancelled, so we were down to 3.  The 1st one was suppose to be at 11:30.  About 11:00 a van drove in with kids in it, which I thought was 1pm.  But if nothing else we're flexible.  And it was only about half as many kids as we were expecting.  Kids always have a great time, and of course the donkeys enjoy all the petting and getting pellets.  They hadn't been gone 5 minutes and here come a nice young couple for a tour, at about 11:30..........hmmmm......!!!  Not sure what's going on, but we're up to the test.  

It was rather funny, Doug was introducing Saddik the dog and the guy said, "that means friend in Arabic".......!!!  He's in the Army and had been to the middle east.  He is Army, of course John is Air Force and Doug's was raised in a Marine family, so there was a lot of guy talk going on.  Nice people.  

I came back in the house to continue trying to make some apple muffins for John.  It's a new recipe for non-gluten muffins, using coconut and almond flour, not to mention agave syrup for sweetness.  I got all the stuff at the store yesterday and was anxious to see if they are edible.  Some of the gluten free food is pretty good.  Some of it isn't.  I had just added the wet and dry stuff together and a big van drove in.  It was too early for the 3pm tour, so handed John a batch of brochures and sent him out the door till I got the muffins in the oven.  

Imagine my surprise when I went out and it was another group of kids.  I guess one group was from Benson and the other group was from Safford.  I had assumed they were coming together.  We had let the donkeys out for the next tour, which is a camera club.  They like the donkeys to be out in the brush for taking pictures.  I really don't like having the donkeys out with kids.  None of them kick or spook or anything like that. never know, it's just easier to have the donkeys in their pens.  

It actually went really good.  Well, except for Gus, who has decided that he needs to have all the attention and the rest of the donkeys need to stay away from all the people.  I told him he's going to end up staying in his pen whenever anyone comes, but he doesn't seem to think it's a problem.  LOL 

Talk about a fast learner, Casper the newbie to this tour process, greeted the 3nd group with a hearty mule bray complete with grunts at the end, as he lined up at the edge of the pen, ready for treats.  You think they aren't smart animals?  

Speaking of Casper, he seems to be healing nicely.  We are going to watch our son race his modified tonight and John will be gone tomorrow.  Monday we will be home and will let Casper out for the day.  Hopefully he will behave himself and not try to be a "mean little kid" with the donkeys.  So far he hasn't shown any interest in them at all.  I'd like to find someone that has mares and geldings that would let him visit for a few days to see how he acts.  Dr. Debra said it takes at least 30 days to get the testosterone out of their system, so I've got time to look for someone.  

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