Monday, March 14, 2016


Lynn and Linda came out this morning to volunteer their time with the donkeys, and Lynn geared up his chain saw, to cut off limbs hanging low enough to have people run into them, when they are concentrating on seeing the donkeys.  

I asked Linda if she would bathe Casper.  He's been doing real good since his "surgery", but it seemed like a good idea to bathe him and get some of the surgical crud off him.  

I doubt if he's ever had a bath, he was rather wiggley.  But he's small enough even being wiggley, that it wasn't a big deal.   And he never once threatened to kick.  He's a very mannerly little guy.  Well except for the towel to dry off with.  Linda said he wasn't interested in having a towel thrown across his body, so we just let him air dry. 

 Linda and Casper, bathing......I think Linda might have got about as wet as he did

This is what he looked like after he was dried off and put back in his pen.  The first thing the little monster did was roll in the dirt.  But as he dried off the dirt fell off and he was nice and white again.  

We had decided to put him into Reba and Rusty's old pen.  It's in line with 5 other pens, so we can open all the inside gates and he can have the run of all 6 pens.  When we put him in there, he immediately started checking everything out and running from one end to the other.  The vet wanted him to get some exercise, and he will in there.

Lynn put the extra corral panel in Casper's pen, so we could squeeze him to put a halter on him, rather than trick him with a treat and grabbing him, which seems to be how it's been done in the past.  In the future, we will use the squeeze to put a halter on inside his pen and no treats.  Eventually he'll decide it isn't worth the effort to go into the squeeze and will stand to be haltered, at least that's the plan.......LOL


John and BlackJack had an adventure today also.  Jay from Gammon's Gulch the movie site just down the road from us, called last night.  They were shooting a western movie today up there and Jay told them they needed a donkey for a street scene.  So John and BJ went up this morning for their big break into the movies.  John said as usual it's a lot of standing around and waiting, but I guess that's the way movies are made. 

 It was a street scene, I guess there is a body in this wagon, that goes up the street to the sheriff's office.  On the way they pass, an old miner (John) putting a blanket on his donkey (BlackJack).  John said they shot it over and over from different angles, at least 5 times.

After Lynn and Linda left I went up to be nosy, of course.  Everyone was on lunch break when I got there, except the wrangler with the wagon.  John is in the background with BlackJack doing something.  There is grass around the tree BJ is tied to, so he was having a great time eating grass, something he doesn't usually have access to.  John said everyone thought BJ was really neat, they took lots of pictures and he got a lot of extra attention, which he loves. John told Jay's wife Joanne that BJ loves pizza, so she brought him some leftover pizza.

Sometimes we get a video of the movies, sometimes we don't, most of the time their part is so quick, you would have to know what you were looking for just to see it.  It's amazing all the time and effort that can go into just a minute of screen time, just imagine what it takes to put a 2 hour movie together.   The name of the movie at this time is Aurora, which could change, but it's suppose to take place in Aurora, Texas, so it might stay the same. 

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