Monday, March 21, 2016

CASPER IS OUT.............!!!

We let the little guy out this morning.  I had thought I'd brush him a little bit before hand, but we had a tour this morning and I didn't want to cheat him out of "out" time........!!!  I'm hoping being out will wear him out enough, or make him hungry enough to be cooperative this afternoon, when it's time to go back in the pen.  Hopefully he'll still be within the confines of our outer fence.  Doug shut Burroland, so he can get use to the 10 acres first.  Also it will be less area for us to chase him, IF, he decides he'd rather run and play than go in his pen for supper........!!!

 I think he is daring me to try to come close enough to catch him.  I have a feeling he doesn't get caught unless he is in a small contained area.  

Yesterday, John took the playhouse in 7 large boxes into our grandson's house in Tucson to assemble for the great grandsons, Hunter and Kyler.  Tony that usually comes out here to work on shelters on Sundays, said he would help.  With J.R. our grandson and his friend Cory that made 4 "engineers" to put it together, hopefully in one day.  I had read on the internet that some people had taken 3 days, but I didn't tell the guys that, figured that was more information than they needed going into the project.  

They figured they had about 36 man hours invested by 5:30, when the last nut and bolt was tightened down.  The 2 four year olds were suppose to help, but once the bottom part was useable, John said they sat at the windows trying to give away free do-nuts.  Pretend is great, who would have thought of do-nuts....!!  

Someone put a picture of the great styrofoam explosion, when our son wrecked his car at the races Saturday night on the internet.  

A video would have been more spectacular, but if you use your imagination, imagine all these little white pieces in the air at the same time, including the big ones.  That isn't our son's car, this is the one that became a flying projectile. 


ellie k said...

A few years back my husband and son in law put together a play set that was suppose to take 8 to 10 hours. They worked about 18 probably. It was for Christmas morning and they worked with truck lights up into the night on it. It was well worth it Christmas day and a number of years to come. My husband also built a small playhouse with a door that really opened and closed, a very good door I think since they open-end ot hundreds of times to go in come out go in come out. Casper looks good, hope he behaves himself.

Tish said...

Originally this was suppose to be a Christmas present. But none of us could figure out how to get it built in the back yard without getting caught. LOL Our grandson is trying to figure out how to run a garden hose thru the tunnel slide, so in the summer they can have a wet slide.

ellie k said...

Keep a watch in the tunnel side, wasps like to build nests in them for some reason and it seems to happen over night. It is really bad when a little one gets caught in there with one.

Tish said...

I'll tell JR and Becky to watch for them.