Friday, December 02, 2011

(Tom says when he's working alone it's safer than a cart......!!! (G)
Thanks Tom for sharing Smokey's training
It is about 7am on Friday, cold & rainy.  At least the wind quit blowing, for now.  I would like to hope the weather is being nasty today & will be nice for the Open House tomorrow...........BUT...........according to the weatherman, probably not.  His batting average for being right, isn't that good, so maybe he'll be wrong this time too.  

We have to take Rusty the mule into the vet this morning.  He had his teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago & hasn't really been up to par since.  Don't know if one has anything to do with the other, but we'll take him in for a mouth check & blood test to see if he might have gotten an infection or something.  Eating is one of his favorite things, & if he doesn't "hoover" his food it's very unusual.  

Then we'll come home & start getting ready for tomorrow......!!!  Keep your fingers crossed for a nice week-end.

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