Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WASTED DAY.........!!!!

Loaded Thelma in the rain, took over an hour, she has only been in a trailer twice that I know of.  She wasn't being difficult, she was just scared.  Well she did throw a couple of kicks when I tried to pick up a rear foot to go into the trailer with the 2 front feet.  But for the most part she was gentle........but determined........not to go in that trailer. 

Took off in the rain, called Laura her new Mom & we decided we probably couldn't get down the last couple of miles of their road into their home in the "boonies" because of a mixture of rain, clay & ruts.  So we went to plan B, to leave her in Tombstone with Eeyore & we would go back in a couple of days or whenever the sun shines again, pick them both up & haul them to their home.  

Unfortunately when we got there there was no way John could back the trailer up to the pen, & it was still raining like, pouring cats out of a bag..............so............plan C was to bring her back home with us & try again on a day a little drier & with a lot more sunshine.  By the time we got home she was shivering, so as soon as we got her out of the trailer & in her pen we gave her some hay to help warm her up.  She dove right in & stopped shivering real quick.  Before she went in the pen, Tula was chasing her around like she was a new donkey that needed to know who was boss..........what was that all about?  I'm sure their paths have crossed since Thelma has been here since August. 

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