Thursday, December 08, 2011


It was cold for the trip so we blanketed them & put fly masks on them, so the wind wouldn't blow in their eyes.  Checked them along the way to make sure they weren't too warm, & they weren't. 

Got there, & they were both ready to get out as soon as possible.  I might add they both hopped in the trailer like they were going on a fun adventure in the morning, which was a surprise.  Always before Quilla has been, well to put it politely "reluctant" to go in a trailer.  I also don't remember Gus, hopping in like a bunny either, but they both did real good.   Guess by the time they got there the adventure had worn off.  That's OK, Claire, David & Shirley were all waiting to greet them.

You can see how excited they were to visit with new people.  The first thing they found was a patch of bermuda grass, & proceeded to eat as much as they could find.  There might be enough to get them busy for a couple of days, after that they'll have to rely on hay.  But in the meantime they are really enjoying the green grass. 

Claire e-mailed this picture to me last night.  Looks like she finally managed to get her hands on Gus......!!!  He loves to be hugged, so I'm sure he was enjoying it.  I see Quilla in the background, guess he found a few more sprigs of grass.  He actually likes to have his face hugged too, as Claire will find out.    


witcheylady said...

Yes...I did. Hugged Quilla quite a bit this morning.

Tish said...

I bet he'll get more hugs up there, less competition than around here.