Sunday, December 11, 2011

DRIFTER'S HOME.........!!!

This is Drifter with his new family going for a walk.  I missed taking a video of Rowen & Drifter walking along by themselves, it really was cute.  

The horse on the right will be Drifter's new buddy.  Tuffy got so excited, he really wanted to see Drifter up close & personal, & they rubbed noses thru the panels.  Tuffy has had goats as buddies in the past, & Drifter seemed more than willing to be friends, so they should get along just fine.  

The black horse REALLY wanted to see Drifter, but the closed panel between them stopped that.  He's huge, half Friesian & acted like he'd like a little buddy of his own. 

People that have horses at the stables, were already coming by to visit with Drifter before we left, so I think he's going to have lots of attention.  

Eventually he & Tuffy will be moved over to 1 1/2 acres closer to the house, when the people get a chance to put up a fence & a run-in shed.  But for right now the boys are in the barn. I doubt that Drifter has ever been in a barn before, especially such a nice one, but he took it all in stride.

Thanks, Ivan for the lovely wreath

Isn't this a pretty Southwest Christmas wreath?  I thought I better take a picture of it, while it still looks like this.  The cats have discovered it & they are busy working on the right side, when they think they can get away with it.  I figured it won't take them long to denude all the creosote leaves off it.  Wait till they hit one of the chile peppers...........!!!! (G)

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