Saturday, December 24, 2011


OK, I'm ready for spring already...!!!!!  Can't imagine what it's like doing chores in some parts of the country.  Kathy Dean from Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado really is fighting weather right now.  She said Alan her husband used a snow blower to make paths to the different barns & the poo pile.  When the weather is really bad, she tells her volunteers to stay home, until the roads are cleared & all that.  So a lot of times it's just her & Alan taking care of 40-50 donkeys in barns.  I guess she could move to a nicer climate, but as she says there is a need where she is.  She must be doing something right, she recently passed the 500th mark for adoptions. 

At least we don't have to contend with snow, ice, sleet & all that.  But 18 degrees in the morning does make me whine.  (G)

Heard from Thelma's new mom.  She said they are doing just fine, once Bugsy got over pouting about having to share his mom.  They've moved on to following each other around, & Laura is spending a lot of time with Thelma.  That's easy to do because Thelma is a real "love sponge".   Don't know if she's brayed yet or not.  If not wait till they hear that.  Let's just say her bray is NOT very ladylike, more like a foghorn on steroids.........!!!! 


It seems every time we manage to get our numbers down, it all changes quickly.  There are a possible 6 additions in the pipeline over the next couple of weeks....!!! YIKES.....!!!  If all 6 do come in, some of the gang are going to get thrown out of their pens.  Probably BlackJack, Maddie & Frijolita, since they are all food hounds & get no special feedJohn started trying to figure out how to build more pens.  I told him no more pens, since the amount of donkeys we have, seems to grow to fill empty pens...........!!!! 


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