Monday, December 05, 2011

Well after a wake up this morning to 26 degrees, we saw rain, snow, & sleet today when we went to town.  Not a lot of any of it, but there wasn't much warm up today.  The next couple of days are suppose to be even colder,

Wednesday when we take Quilla & Gus up to the Phoenix area at least it will be warmer for them once we get there.  But I think I'll blanket them both for the trip, since the stock trailer is pretty open.  

When it's cold like this we worry about the old guys, especially Pepper.  John was watching for him when the donkeys came in this morning.  John said he came in walking good (for him), not shivering & his ears up & perky.  I had a micro-fiber blanket ready to put on him if he needed a little help before the sun got up.  He had his hair all fluffed up & it was a little damp,  we didn't want flatten his hair down, so no blanket.  

Everybody else seem to take the cold weather in stride too, although they don't like it.  They know where the sun shows up in the morning & that's where they congregate.

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