Saturday, December 17, 2011


I've become such a "weather" wimp, considering I was raised in Missouri & winter weather was a fact of life........!!!!  But it is a cute picture, thanks Katie.

Checked up on some of the latest "fur" kids to go out to new homes.  Selena & Falena, went out awhile back as a companion for a real pretty Arab mare.  When the donkeys showed up, the mare went a little ballistic, acting very Arab, which is another way of saying, she was acting like a nut case.  The latest word is, she doesn't want them out of her sight now.  So I guess it's working out just fine.  The people are smitten with the girls, & said when anyone comes to visit they want to see the donkeys, so I guess they are getting quite a fan club.  

It sounds like Drifter has moved in & taken over a 40 some horse boarding/training stable, & also a little boy's heart.  His mom said they are inseparable & she is having trouble keeping everyone from "stealing" hay from the horses to bring to Drifter.  He's a little guy & as a donkey is on a permanent diet.  Crystal was going to put up signs, NO FEEDING, but guess those big brown soulful eyes just can't be ignored.  She put brushes outside his stall, & said he is getting a lot of brushing.  She also said his ears are always up now, which is great.  When he came in, his ears were always down to the side, like Eeyore's, & he looked so sad.  By the time he left they were up most of the time.  I guess being the center of attention has really livened him up.  

She also said he isn't the least bit afraid of the horses, & if the horses get to pushy, he just bites them on the muzzle.  I don't think we could have found a better place for him, lots of attention & a little boy of his very own.  

Hopefully next week we can get Thelma delivered to her new home.  Right now the weather is pretty nice, haven't heard if the road into the place is passable for a trailer yet.  If we don't get anymore rain, it should be OK.  Since we brought her back home from the abortive attempt Tuesday, she has been hanging with Tula.  Before then she spent most of her time, hanging around in her pen, next to Tucker & Mocha.  Not sure what caused the change in her behavior.  

Right now Tula is cycling, which has got poor old Pepper's ears up & eyes shining........!!!!  With the rainy, humid, cold weather we're having the old buzzard can't hardly walk.  In fact I have his bad knee wrapped to try to keep it warm.  But it doesn't stop him from following her EVERYWHERE she goes. 

Tonight when John was rounding them up for feeding, Tula decided she wasn't going to play the game & headed back over to Burroland at a pretty good pace.  Right behind her were, Thelma, Pepsi (mini) & Pepper.  When Tula takes off like this, she hides out until the hay is brought thru the pens.  I told John we'd probably have to go over & find Pepper after she came back with the other two.  

But no, here come Tula, Thelma & Pepsi at a pretty good pace, & bringing up the rear, ears up & moving as fast as he could was Pepper, still on point & headed for the prize.  I have no idea what he was like when he was young, but now he is so much fun to watch, & try to figure out what he's thinking.  We haven't had to roll him over for quite awhile, we've seen him lay down, but on his left side.  Maybe he's learned not to lay on his right side. 

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