Friday, December 30, 2011

JUST WHAT WE NEED.............!!!!


I think Zorro & Rambo haven't been gelded very long.  This morning Jenny "discovered" them & worked all her wiles before we finally put a halter on her & dragged her to her pen.  Rambo has been upset every since & trying to get out of their pen.  So far pawing, braying & shaking the gate.  I hope he doesn't try to climb out like Beau did in September.   I'd go ahead & let him out, make Jenny happy...........but........he's aggressive enough I'm afraid someone like Pepper or Jack might get hurt if they couldn't move out of his way fast enough.  So we'll have to figure out a plan, the longer he stays in the pen without exercise, the more agitated he'll probably get..........SIGH!  Zorro was interested, but not quite as silly.  

We've been separating Chantilly from them at feeding time.  With this latest turn of events, if they have all been together since before the boys were gelded, she might be PG.

Got an e-mail this morning from a woman with a young family & a jack.  They got him from ropers & he was in bad shape.  Now that he's feeling better he's acting like a jack, up to & including going after her young son.  They want him gone now.....!!!  And we are over full & can't take him.  Life would be so much easier for everyone involved if people would get these guys gelded as soon as they have anything to geld. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

I can see your hands are full, as always! We're all wishing you a Happy New Year!

Tish said...

I hope 2012 is your best year yet.....! Love your round-up of pictures for 2011 on your blog. Great shots of very lucky animals......!!!