Monday, December 26, 2011


This is Maddie & her new best friend, Justin, one of the minis.  I've never seen a jenny & gelding wrestle & play fight before.  These 2 do so, every day & as you can see when it's time to rest they still stay together.  I don't know whether Justin has visions of grandeur or if Maddie just thinks he's cute, but they do seem to be an item.  Not sure what Cheyenne thinks about it though, Justin use to hang out with her all the time, but they never played, guess Maddie is a more fun "date"......!!! 

Pepper is do pretty good considering it has been in the teens every night.  He is moving a little slower than usual, but the ears are up & he's going out as soon as the gate is opened.  His blanket is hanging in his pen, in case he needs it, but so far being able to move around is more important.  We watch him to make sure he isn't just standing around, or shivering when he comes in. I think the leg warmers on his bad knee probably helps keep him moving.

Here is Tucker soaking up some sunshine.  All the donkeys seem to spend time laying down this time of year.  I think as the ground warms during the day they take advantage of getting as warm as they can, when they can.  

Tucker will be 4 months old the 6th of January, time sure flies.  I think we're still planning on taking him up to Gilbert for evaulation in January, if it warms up.  We won't haul him & Mocha if it's real cold.  Granted it will be warmer the closer we get to Phoenix, but starting out in an open stock trailer, would be chilly.

I had a brilliant idea that if he had to stay up there so they could feed him hay for a couple of days, what a perfect time to geld him.  (And I wouldn't have to be involved.......I hate the process of gelding, it's so barbaric) Checked him out & not only does he not have anything to geld yet, he doesn't even have a little purse to put them in..........!!!!   Something needs to grow, before we even think about gelding I guess........SIGH!  

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