Wednesday, December 28, 2011

THEY'RE HERE........!!!!!

This is the 3 new kids on the block, when we went to pick them up this afternoon.  It seems like a lot of the time I end up with either butt shots or snot shots & today wasn't any different.....! (G)

They came with no names, so far the larger one on the left, looks like & acts like Rambo.  Actually for anyone that knows BlackJack or remembers the 1st Gus we had, this guy has the same type of personality.  His big nose is in your business at all times.  He has had a halter on that was too small at some time in his life, & it has made a ridge across his nose.  Other than that he looks to be in good shape.  

The middle one is the little jenny.  The boys have no problem letting you pet them & feed them treats.  But she is not quite ready for all that being up close & personal stuff yet.  She'll stretch her neck, but so far not far enough to actually grab a treat.  It might take a few days, but she looks like she'll come around pretty quick.  No name yet.  She needs a sweet one. 

The black one doesn't have a name yet either, but he is very friendly.  Their feet need to be trimmed, but other than that, they seem to be just fine.  Of course we haven't put halters on them or tried to lead them around yet.  We'll find out more about their training then, I'm sure.........!!!!!  

If I knew more about taking pictures I bet they wouldn't blur......!!!

As usual when we come home with the trailer, the gang surround it, to see who is in it.  There was a lot of mouthing going on in & out of the trailer, so everyone seems willing to "go along to get along".  We'll keep them in a pen for a couple of days & give everyone a chance to meet them, before we let them out to roam around.  

Rambo thought he needed to threaten poor old toothless Jack, when we fed tonight.  I yelled at him to knock it off, although I didn't see that he thought my opinion counted for much.

"No Name" & Rambo

Maddie went in the small pen, so for now everyone has a pen.  When we pick up the other three on the 3rd of January, I think BlackJack & Frijolita will have to give up their pens.  There is a divider down the middle that can be removed & make a larger pen.  BJ & Frijolita are both food hogs, so we'll have to see if this works or not.

 Little Miss No Name

Any ideas for names?

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