Saturday, December 03, 2011


The weather could have been worse, it was icky this morning, by afternoon the sun came out & it was decent  although not too warm.  By late afternoon it was starting to get windy, & the clouds started rolling in.  Tomorrow is suppose to be colder than today, so I guess only the hardy will be out roaming around.  

We didn't have near as many people as we usually have, but everyone seemed to have a good time.  Even had a classmate of John's  from Crown Point, Indiana class of 1958, show up with his wife.  We knew he lived in Sierra Vista, but had never met him.  Had plenty of volunteers, most of them friends that I never get to see as much as I'd like.  Of course we were all "working", so there wasn't much chance to visit. 

The donkeys of course picked up on what was happening, as soon as the first couple of cars drove in, & started yelling & working the people for pellets.  To see them operate you would think we didn't feed them this morning.  They have looking pitiful down to a science.......!!!!! 

We had signs up telling people not to feed Tucker because he's only suppose to have mush or milk.  Kathy one of the volunteers took on the task of staying in his area to make sure no one fed him.  We also had to watch & make sure no one dropped pellets in the pen, when they were feeding Mocha.   

When Mike & Zeke did the Walkathon from Ft. Huachuca to Tombstone, we met a woman that was feeding her donkey & was nice enough to bring BlackJack some hay too.  She said they were building a house on an acreage & wanted a companion for their donkey.  She came out today, saw Thelma & fell in love as they say.  Called her husband to discuss the fact that Thelma might be pregnant, & he basically said, "the more the merrier". 

I thought the woman that was interested in Drifter might come to the Open House, she was here last year.  I called her & let her know his teeth & feet were done, but she hasn't called me back.  There were a couple of people that were interested in him, so if she changed her mind I don't think it will be hard to find him a good home. 

John's building a fire, even as I type...................!!!!!  UGH!  He said it's 46 degrees outside.  Wonder what it will be by morning?  This is NOT preferred Arizona weather, from my point of view.  Anything below 60 is NOT acceptable......!!!

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