Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NUMBERS ARE GOING UP............!!!

Don't have much information but looks like we have a young jenny & 2 geldings coming in either today or tomorrow.  They were picked up at Casa Grande yesterday & delivered to Karen @ Equine Voices south of Green Valley.  Karen will either bring them up today or we'll go pick them up tomorrow.

She says the boys look gelded, I hope so, after the tragedy with Beau this summer, I am really hesitant about having a jack here, in a pen.  She has agreed if they aren't gelded, to keep them & have them gelded for us.  

I think for now Maddie will get put in the small pen to eat, & we'll put the newcomers in her pen.  That should work out OK, until the next 3 come in the 3rd of January.  Then we'll have to figure out who gets to eat outside.  

When Pepper came in this morning he was almost prancing...........what is that all about?  He still has on his legging, & he's getting meds to hopefully help with his bad hip & knee.  But it was amazing to see just how good he was walking.  Granted by normal standards he's still not moving too fast, but for him he was "SMOKIN"......!!!!! 

UPDATE:  Just heard from Karen, looks like we'll be going down after morning chores tomorrow, & pick them up.  She said they are relatively friendly, which is always good......!!!! 

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