Friday, December 23, 2011


 Haven't been out yet, & not looking forward to going.  John is out there ringing the bell, I doubt that the gang is going to be very interested in moving around, until it warms up a little.  

A friend sent this card to me, & I thought it was cute enough to share:

Haven't heard how Thelma is getting along in her new home, I'll probably try to call Laura today & see how she is doing. 

Yesterday John & Vic took most of the center fence out of Mocha & Tucker's pen, that had divided it from Thelma's pen.  Now Tucker has a little more room to run around like a maniac.  There is still a little area Mocha goes in to eat her hay.  Hopefully after the 1st of the year we can get Tucker up to Gilbert for evaluation & see if he can start eating hay.  Once he can eat normally, maybe we can start letting him out to run & play & irritate all the other donkeys.  Right now poor Mocha is his only victim, I'm sure she's getting tired of being his center of attention.

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