Wednesday, December 07, 2011


19 degrees this morning..........!!!!  And not suppose to get much warmer today, relatively speaking.  If you are a desert rat, the 50's doesn't sound much better as a high.  

We're getting ready to go out & feed.  Just as soon as we get that done, we'll load Gus & Quilla for the trip to Phoenix.  Courtney came out yesterday & trimmed both of them, so they are as ready as they'll ever be.  Gus will wear his boots, & they both will wear blankets at least for the first part of the trip. 

Lisa will stay until the others get thru eating & then let them out for the day.  Since we probably won't get back until late, Vic will come over & feed tonight.  It sure is nice to have people to rely on, when we need them.  I'm sure the "fur" kids appreciate not having their routine disrupted.  There's no way we can go to Phoenix & not get home late.  

At least Gus & Quilla are going to warmer place, although I talked to Claire last night & she said it was suppose to be in the 30's there last night.  Sounds better than 19 to me.........!!!!

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