Thursday, December 15, 2011

This use to be a bucket, granted it wasn't very heavy, but looked to me like it would make a good toy for a little donkey boy.  Obviously Tucker figured out how to have fun with it, in ways I never thought of.  Time for a heavier bucket I guess.

He's also figured out another way to have fun.  Yesterday morning when we were feeding, Dave a friend that was helping said when he went in the pen, all of a sudden something was holding him back.  He thought he got caught on the fence, tried to turn around & discovered a little donkey attached to his coat, & not letting go.  

Tonight was John's turn. he said he reached down & grabbed Tucker's leg, but he still wouldn't let go.  Guess it didn't feel like momma chastising him for some indiscretion, so Tucker didn't care.  I think I will feed him in the morning & see if I can get the point across to him. 

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