Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Despooking Smokey, there are tin cans in those sacks

This is Tom & Smokey continuing Smokey's "education"

Looks like Tom had a couple of "helpers" for Smokey's 1st "drive".  Tom said he did really well, & it didn't take long before he was going by himself.  

  Tom said they were about ready to quit, but when they went thru a gate the cart got hung up & Tom ended up rolling around on the ground.  Nobody hurt, but they had to do a little more "work", so they could have a good ending to Smokey's first cart experience.  

Thanks for the pictures Tom, I really enjoy watching Smokey grow into his potential.

A few days ago, John told me the skunks are back because something has been digging for grubs under the bird feeders in the back yard.  Right now the live trap is being set in the hay barn trying to catch a tom cat that has moved in.  If we catch him he will go for "brain" surgery & we'll let him go again, I think he will be either #4 or #5.  It's funny, we usually never see them again, when we let them go, can't imagine why......!!!  (G)

The next night John got up for some reason & saw movement in the back yard, but no white stripes.  Got a flashlight & saw 2 grown javelinas & 1 little baby.  We haven't seen any javelinas on the property in years.  I don't think they like the donkeys.  I don't see how they get thru the gates, but obviously they do.  Maybe they will keep the skunks away, who knows.  

Looks like Gus will be going home for Christmas, & taking a friend, Quilla with him so he will have someone to pal around with.  Claire has 2 horses, but they ignored Gus before & I'm sure haven't changed their minds since he's been gone.  Quilla & Gus have played a few times, so they have something in common, although they aren't best buds yet.  Might be by the time they come back to "Longears Camp", in a few weeks, after having to put up with 2 "snooty" horses.....!!! 

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