Monday, November 21, 2011


I have been trying for the last hour or so, to figure out how to change a .pdf file into a .jpg file.  You would think if you scanned it as a picture it would automatically be a .jpg file.  Obviously not.............!!!!  Grrrrrrrrr..........!!!  Adobe reader has commandeered my scanner I guess. 

So rather than a nice painting of the Old Sanchez Homestead by Dan Dutz all I have is a link:  to the information about the Cascabel Christmas Fair & our Open House, Saturday & Sunday, December 3rd & 4th.  

If you have a leisurely day to come out & enjoy the country, this would be a great time to do it.  The donkeys have to stay in their pens, but they love the idea of all the people having cups of pellets to feed them.  From their point of view the "more the merrier", more people, more pellets.............YIPPEEE......!!!  So if you'd like to make some donkeys really really happy, come on out...........!!!

Everybody seems to be enjoying access to Burroland, so far John has had to go over when it's time to feed & get them started in the right direction.  So he's not enjoying it as much as they are.  This morning everyone & I do mean everyone was over there.  John said when he rang the bell, Thelma came thru the gate & across the wash, at a dead run, & braying at the same time.  He said he didn't know if she was going to get stopped or not as she slid to a stop right in front of him.  I guess her new foot trim feels pretty good.  She certainly couldn't have run 3 months ago as long as her feet were.  I didn't even know they could bray & run at the same time.  Sounds like trying to sneeze without closing your eyes.......!!!  (G)  Too bad the others follow Tula instead of Thelma...........!!! 

We have to be in Tucson by 5pm today, so they will eating early.  John closed Burroland, so they can't go over there today.  That isn't going to make him popular that's for sure.  

Heard from a woman that knows more about donkeys than anyone I know.  She said over the years she had 3 babies from mothers under the age of 3 with similar problems.  One died within 24 hours, 1 died at 6 months & the other one grew up healthy.  A necropsy was done on both that died.   The 6 month old had heart problems, the other one heart & digestive system.  When I told her Tucker also is parrot mouthed she said often young ones with parrot mouth have other health problems, so we should watch over him carefully as he grows.  

Right now he is active, curious & really growing quickly.  I heard from a vet who had a baby start out much like Tucker.  He said when it was a few months old when it would lay down, it's skin was so thin it developed terrible sores on it's legs that went to the bone, & they euthanized it.  Tucker doesn't seem to have thin skin & really is a sturdy little guy so I hope he will be OK long term. 

November 20, 2011


Morning Bray Farm said...

I saw a link to the fair online last night! This is definitely something we'd love to do - perhaps next year? :)

Tish said...

It's really a lot of fun & because it's in conjunction with the Christmas Fair we get lots of people that have never been around donkeys or probably never even thought about them. So it's a chance to also educate.