Saturday, November 19, 2011


John checked Burroland out yesterday, closed the gates so the cows couldn't get back in.  This morning he opened the inside gate & it didn't take BlackJack long to find out it was open, once his gate was opened.  When we went to town this morning the rest of them hadn't figured it out yet.  But, by the time we got home, there were only 5 on this side, everyone else had gone WILD...........!!!!!

Didn't know how wild until we went over to make sure Pepper wasn't down, not able to get up.  This is our new 1st thing to do when we come home from town routine.  I went over & only saw Cisco & a couple of the minis.  Heard John whistle, so I headed back over here, figuring he'd found Pepper.  He had, Pepper was up & "perky".  John had taken ropes with him & he said when Tula saw the ropes she took off running, & the whole bunch went with her, including Jenny & her newly trimmed feet, one of which got soaked this morning.  John said old "fluffy" Daisy was running fast enough to keep up with Tula.  Well everyone except Pepper, John said he just stood there, trying to figure out where everyone went.  Sometimes I don't think his elevator goes all the way to the top......!!!  But the ears are up & the eyes are shiny, too bad the poor old body can't keep up. 

Everyone that got trimmed were just fine this morning, no "ouchy" limping or anything.  Madie is actually walking almost sound, although if she had an abscess it hasn't popped thru.  Thelma & Mocha are both walking very comfortable.  Courtney is coming back in about 3 weeks, & at that time we'll probably mess around with Tucker's feet, just to get him use to having them fiddled with.  John & I have picked them up & tapped on them, & he doesn't care.  But actually trimming or rasping might be a different thing.  Guess it will be a rite of passage, like a little boy getting his first hair-cut. 


Witcheylady said...

So glad to hear Madie is walking better!

Tish said...

Now that she knows where Burroland is, I have a feeling she'll be getting plenty of exercise...